Amoeba 013 Honey badger

Amoeba 013 Honey badger

Amoeba Ares


Price: 248,99

Amoeba Honey Badger model AM-013 in black color
Like all the Amoeba the Honey Badger 013 distinguishes by its quality and its technical improvements
The Amoeba's has a programmable electronic trigger through a firing unit Ares Amoeba that is sold separately, but we served it to you programmed in the mode that you choose when you make the order without additional cost:
Mode 1: Safe-Semi-Full auto
Mode 2: Safe-Semi-burst of 3
Mode 3: Safe-Burst of 3-Full auto
Mode 4: Safe-Semi-Semi

All the Amoeba´s that we have come with European Serial number
High resistance fiber nylon body
Aluminum CNC handguard with rail
Foldable stock
Quick change spring system
Low resistance wire
Integrated mosfet
Programmable mode shot via EFCS programming unit (sold separately)
Gear box V2 with 8mm bearings and reinforced gears
High torque motor
M4 type magazine of 300rds
Inner barrel length:300mm
Inner barrel diameter:6.03
Muzzle velocity:300-310FPS

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