sig sauer mcx virtus pcp semi-automatic rifle cal 5.5

MARCA: PCP rifles & pistols
REF: ssvirtus55
Price: 440,00

Length 94.6cm
Weight 3.4kg
5.5 mm (.22) muzzle velocity 213 m / s
Sig Sauer MCX Virtus PCP air rifle

The Sig Sauer MCX Virtus from PCP is Sig Sauer's latest expansion to the SIG AIR precision line of their air rifles. The introduction of the MCX Virtus PCP doubles the speed of the CO2 carbines and also uses the RPM - Rapid Pellet Magazine, which makes it a good training and target shooting tool.

Being semi-automatic shooting, it allows you to shoot very fast shots continuously.

The aesthetics of the MCX Virtus is a replica of the original, with extreme quality finishes. In the cylinder head we can see how it includes the PCP air tank, with a pressure gauge on the left, with a capacity of 215cc at 200 bars (3000 psi).

In the central area and the trigger, we find the trigger safety. In addition, the stock, as well as the receiver, allows us a good, firm grip, designed to prevent it from slipping during the action. Above, we find a Picatinny rail to place optics, such as red dots or scopes. Includes rear sight and front sight as standard.


The RPM - Rapid Pellet Magazine, already known from the Sig Sauer CO2, allows for quick shots. It has a capacity of 30 pellets, which will allow us to make 30 shots in a few seconds. And the pellets will come out through a tube made of fluted steel that will allow us to make precise and consistent shots at 20-25 meters.


In the handguard, we can place M-LOK accessories, such as bipods, flashlights, lasers, etc.


Technical details


Caliber 5.5mm

Total length: 94.6cm

Weight: 3.4kg

Speed: 213 m / s

Charger capacity RPM: 30


. Foster Female NOT INCLUDED

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