Tokyo Marui AA12 Shotgun

Brand: Tokyo Marui Shotguns
REF: MRL171016
Before: 495,00 €
Now: 475,20

Tokyo Marui airsoft AEG model AA12

We already have the Marui AA12 Airsoft Beast in our store
Without a doubt it is a replica that imposes for its physique but its rate of fire is the best
The AA12 has three barrels with three independently adjustable hop up
In auto mode we get 10 shots per second per cannon, that is 30 balls per second, which makes it an infallible replica


Brand: Tokyo Marui

Model: AA12

Type: AEG

Color: black

Material: ABS Polymer

Hop Up: Yes

Mosfet: No

Blowback: No

Electronic Trigger: No

Magazine: 93 bbs

Weight: 3.9 Kg

Measurements: 840 mm

Power: 260 fps

Other features:

3 barrels with independent adjustable hop ups

Engine with F.E.T technology

It is recommended to only put battery 8,4v type mini (not included)

Shooting mode: Semi and Full auto

Markings: AA-12 Sledgehammer

Anodized nozzle and sights

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