Gamo Black Bull IGT 5.5

Gamo Black Bull IGT 5.5



Price: 222,00

Black Bull IGT 5.5

The Black Bull IGT Mach 1 carbine combines the technologies “IGT” and “Gamo Power ”

- IGT Mach 1 System: This system replaces the classic spring by a special pneumatic system load last generation that gets improved performance incredibly. Increased speed, impact and accuracy.

-GAMO POWER:New 33mm diameter firing chamber,more power, smaller vibration, optimal precision

-SAT system: a trigger is designed for all shooting disciplines for professional precision. The system has a light and smooth advancement of the trigger in a first stage for a subsequent sharp and precise, in the second stage shot.

- SWA system: the new Gamo nock has been developed to improve the ratio of absorption (kg) and the withdrawal distance (millimeters). The result has been an absorption of up to 74% over standard nocks. With its new design and three removable pads, you could adjust the degrees of absorption depending on your preferences.

-BULL WHISPER:moderates the sound using different air chambers and finally reaches the second phase, which moderates the sound using acoustic chambers.


Including 4x32 scope
Overall length:117cm
Barrel Length:48,72cm
Muzzle velocity:286m/s

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