Black Fusion 5.5

Black Fusion 5.5



PAC\'s: 1

Price: 170,00

Airgun Gamo Black fusion
New Airgun Gamo Black fusion , made to offer the maximum power and precision. Tactical design, with sewer Bull Barrel and quiet muzzle
Whisper system, reduces more of a 50% the sound produced by the weapon. Available in caliber 4.5 and 5,5mm. Reducer of built-in sound.
SWA (SHOCK WAVE ABSORBER): New exclusive shortened stock of BUCK that thanks to its 3 removable pieces, allows to cushion the backward movement until a 74% with respect to a standard shortened stock.
THE SAT (SMOOTH ACTION TRIGGER): New adjustable trigger of BUCK that offers a sensation to the clean and relaxed tact, and that allows a control of the firing to favor one better precision.
WHISPER: The Whisper system, moderator of sound integrated in bocacha of the tube allows until a 52% of reduction of sound with respect to a standard carbine.
Caliber: 4,5mm (,177 in) or 5,5mm (.22)
Butt: Fiber surprises
Shortened stock: (loafing) SWA. It cushions better the firings.
Tube: Folding, fluted.
Sights: Optical fiber. Adjustable rise. Strip and front sight for viewfinder.
Speed: 305m/s in caliber 4,5mm. 220m/s in caliber 5,5mm.
Weight: 3kg

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