Gamo Air rifle Replay X Maxxim + scope

Gamo Air rifle Replay X Maxxim + scope



Available in :
Price: 190,80

Air rifle manufactured by Gamo 2017 brand new Replay X Maxxim
Gamo revolutionizes the air rifle world again, with this new design the Replay Maxxim with new shot system and barrel technology that going to surprise you
The barrel of the Replay MAxxim is with new Whisper Maxxim technology silencer for more stealth
Included 2 magazines multishots that allowed you to shoot 10 times
Included scope 4x32 with hight mounts


Ambidextrous carabine
Ambidextrous synthetic fiber butt
Rifled break barrel with Wshper Maxxim technology
Shot system: 10 x quick shot allows shot 10 times (included 2 maganines)
CAT trigger sytem: adjustable in the first and second phase, smooth and acurate
SWA butt that abosorb the backward
Muzzle velocity:220m/s (with PBA Platinum pellets)
Magazine capacity: 10 pellets
Power: 24Joules

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