Assault backpack 45l 0d mil-tec

MARCA: Backpack
REF: 1550
Price: 39,90

The MILTEC US ASSAULT LG Tactical Backpack is the real reason Mil-Tec is at the forefront of military equipment manufacturers. Manufactured according to the MOLLE system, the US ASSAULT LG have a discreet size that deceives the naked eye, since they actually offer 45 liters of capacity, a huge advantage for those who seek operability through mobility.

The strap system is not only compatible with the majority of tactical equipment on the market but it is also distributed in such a way that, thanks to its shoulder straps and lumbar fixation, the back will be greatly reduced in weight. Of course, everything is fully attached to the body to reduce the visibility of the user, to aid in masking.

We are not forgetting those who cannot live without their personal technology, so we give you good news: Mil-Tec backpacks are perfect for transporting mobile phones, tablets or even laptops, which thanks to the soft interior padding do not suffer damage from bumps or scratches.

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