Miltec US Assault pack LG 36L mil-tec typhon kriptec backpack

MARCA: Backpack
REF: 14002285
Before: 39,50 €
Now: 36,34

The MILTEC US ASSAULT LG is a robust and reliable 36-liter capacity MOLLE backpack. This tactical backpack features a fully paneled exterior with MOLLE anchors, allowing its user to dramatically expand its carrying and carrying capacity. The US ASSAULT backpack is made by the German company Sturm Mil-Tec and has 2 additional pockets on the outside, an intermediate pocket, and a full-opening main compartment.

On the back, this military backpack has an extra pocket with velcro closure to attach a hydration tank or bag (not included). Its shoulder straps are padded and fully adjustable. In addition, it also has a lumbar fixation strap, so that the weight is better distributed throughout the user's back.


- 4 pockets or compartments: the main one of great size, an intermediate one opening up to the middle of the backpack, and 2 exteriors (one upper one smaller and one lower one slightly larger).
- All pockets have double zipper.
- D-Ring rings on the shoulder straps (one on each side).
- Handle for grip and manual transport on top.
- Side and bottom compression straps.
- Back pocket for hydration bag.

Data sheet:

- Load capacity: 36 Liters
- Size: 51 x 29 x 28 cm.
- Weight: 1.6 kg (empty)
- Fabric: 100% polyester, coated with polyvinyl chloride
- Padding: EVA foam (550 g / qm)
- Color: Mandra Night (Kryptek Typhon)

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