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Combat Uniform Delta Tactics T.C.U. (Tactical Combat Uniform)

The combat uniform T.C.U. is oriented to the special needs of comfort and benefits that are needed in the current conflicts, so that Combat T-shirts are used in combination with Tactical Pants with integrated rigid kneepads. It is internationally recognized that the use of combat t-shirt systems under vests facilitates comfort for users / operators in all theaters of operations, and may also incorporate internal padding on the elbows to facilitate comfortable shooting positions for longer. The tactical pants incorporate a series of improvements in the pockets in order to improve the quality of life of the operators. Some of the most valued are the ankle pockets, which allow access to them in the position of "knee to earth", usual and constant in all scenarios. Likewise, apart from Cargo type pockets, they also have rigid knee pads for greater comfort.

The combat uniform T.C.U. of Delta Tactics, consists of a T-shirt and tactical combat pants.

The Delta Tactics tactical combat jersey has the following characteristics:

- Collar with YKK zip closure to facilitate the use of combat vests without causing friction or damage to the neck, likewise protects us from the friction of tactical belts and other accessories.
- Sleeves with adjustable velcro cuffs.
- Designed to use removable elbow pads, such as the flexible elbow pads that are included with the uniform.
- Double biceps pocket, with space for glasses and special section for pen.
- Designed to facilitate the use of combat vests, allowing improved breathability and freedom of movement compared to traditional uniforms.

The Delta Tactics combat tactical pants have the following characteristics:

- Low profile waist with elastic band adjustment system. Reinforced loops with carabiner hook.
- Adjustable frontal closure of Velcro with YKK zip.
- Reinforced elastic areas in low waist and knees, for comfort and durability.
- StrongPad Knee Pouch pocket with double inner lid to carry it with or without kneepads, offering greater resistance to tearing.
- Adjustment by Velcro on ankles and knees, for greater adjustment according to the needs of the user.
- Front pocket with horizontal opening for easy access with work gloves.
- Front pocket on both legs.
- Bosillo cargo in ankles.
- Large capacity cargo pockets.
- Back pockets with zip closure for added security.

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