Victorinox Swiss Multipurpose Knife Nail Clip 580 Black V.06463.3

REF: V.06463.3
Price: 29,00

You deserve to enjoy a multi-functional tool as sharp as your style. Like all Victorinox pocket knives, the compact NailClip 580 will follow you anywhere, whether you're exploring nature or in front of the shark tank at work. And thanks to its quick release mechanism, it will keep your fingers as protected as your clean nails.

Stainless steel
All the elements that make up this incredible Swiss multipurpose knife are designed in stainless steel. This type of material gives the Nail Clip 580 a special resistance to iron corrosion. In addition, it has other types of characteristics such as toughness, durability and performance in harsh environments.

The handle of this pocket knife is one of the differentiating factors of this model, since it is made of ABS-Cellidor, a type of combination of high-performance polymers that results in optimum performance in relation to durability, rigidity and impact resistance. In addition, this combination protects the knife in several aspects:

Abrasion and scratch conditions
Withstands temperatures up to 80ºC

The most important functions of this rescue knife are accessible in seconds and are immediately available to the user. Each of the pieces that compose it have been meticulously tested in the most diverse conditions to ensure their effectiveness in the most unpredictable situations.

nail clipper
nail file
nail cleaner
small leaf
micro-serrated scissors

Technical specifications:
Total length: 65 mm
Width: 17.5mm
Height: 9mm
Steel Type: Stainless
Lock Type: Piston Lock
Opening: Manual
Clip: For ambidextrous
Grips: ABS-Cellidor
Grip Color: Black
Weight: 36 gr
Country of origin: Switzerland