Steyr Sniper SSG 69 P2

Steyr Sniper SSG 69 P2

Other Brand Sniper


Price: 95,90

Airsoft replica of the mythical Steyr SSG manufactured by ASG

This Sniper Sportline version of the Steyr SSG 69 P2 included  stock pads

so the buttstock can be customized to the individual gamer

The external barrel it's metallic and his weight 2.5kh is not bad for a Sportline

Replica has inside many of the technical solutions known from the Tokyo Marui model VSR-10


Adjustable hop up

Length: 1080mm

Longueur de canon: 480mm

Weight: 2500g


Muzzle velocity: 312m/s

Mag capacity: 25rds

Metal rail and external barrel

Metal bolt, reload lever, trigger, safety lock and sling mounts

Including safety glassed, sling, speed loader and 3 stock pads

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