Sr25 Long golden eagle

Sr25 Long golden eagle

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Price: 195,00

SR25 long golden eagle

With mosfet included
•Power Source: Electric, 8,4v. NiMh Rechargable Battery included
•BlowBack: No
•Velocity: ≈ 420 ft/s., checked with 6mm. 0,20g. plastic bbs
•Caliber / Ammo.: 6mm.
•Lenght: 990 - 1150mm. (with suppresor)
•Weight: 3600g.
◦Handguard: Metal
◦Upper RIS on Body: Metal
◦Body: ABS
◦Stock: ABS

supresor not included

Included accesories:
Magazine: SR25 Series - JING GONG-GOLDEN EAGLE. Compatible with JING GONG / DBOYS
Capacity: ≈ 300 rounds
Wall charger included
8,4v. NiMh Rechargable Battery included
Grip included

Internal Parts:
•Hop-Up: adjust
•Lenght Inner Barrel: 363mm

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