Stinger Ares Co2 cal. 4,5 mm

MARCA: PCP rifles & pistols
REF: STAG01345
Before: 125,00 €
Now: 118,75

The Stinger Ares is a technological revolution, since the developers of Stinger have created a removable gun structure, so that the user can convert this model into a carbine. In addition, this latest generation product includes two barrels, one long and one short, both in 4.5mm caliber.

This gun-carbine is designed in high performance fiber, so it has excellent conditions to withstand long shooting sessions and continuous use for a long time. In addition, the handle has an ergonomic design that facilitates the handling of the weapon comfortably.

In this part of the pistol arrives the first exclusive novelty introduced by Stinger, since the Ares has a removable nock in a simple way to adapt the weapon to the classic form of carbine. The butt plate of this new cylinder head is designed in rubber to reduce recoil after shot.

The Stinger Ares is a pistol that includes as standard a short removable gun, which can be replaced by a larger one (45 cm), which aims to improve the range and accuracy of the shot. In addition, it includes a sound moderator also removable according to the needs of the shooter.

The developers of Stinger have integrated in this pistol-carbine an advanced system of Co2 that confers to the Ares a power of 12 Joules, which allows a speed of exit of the shot of 215 m / s in caliber 4.5mm. In addition, the shooting experience will be complete, since it incorporates an adjustable trigger.

In addition, the user can incorporate into the Stinger Ares all kinds of optical elements to improve the accuracy (viewfinders, laser or red dot), since it is a model that incorporates an 11mm Track, also called Milano Tail. Likewise, it incorporates adjustable sights in height and drift.

Mechanism: Ambidextrous pistol-rifle with rifled steel barrels, manual trigger safe and adjustable trigger.

Cylinder head: Removable synthetic fiber stock, ergonomic design and equipped with rubber butt plate.

Optics: The rifle is equipped with a 11 mm track for the viewfinder, and adjustable sights.

Technical specifications
Available in Caliber: 4.5 mm
Speed ​​in 4.5 mm: 215 m / s
Charger capacity: Monotiro / Possibility of multi-shot
Total length: 60 cm (Without nock)
Cannon length: Short (20.8 cm) / Length (45 cm)
Weight: 890 gr
Power: 12 Joules

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