Husky-11RM.D Grinding Wheel Rosewood RWL34

Price: 82,00

Hunting Muela knife made in Spain with integral blade in RWL34 steel, powder metallurgical steel made by means of the RSP Quick Solid Powder system, which ensures the following properties: Incomparable purity and cleanness free of inclusions (10 times more than any other steel thereof) characteristics), sharp edge and high retention of this, great resistance to corrosion and very high hardness and toughness. This steel is made in the world's most modern metallurgical steel metallurgy factory. Handles made of white, black micarta and Rosewood pressed wood. Locking cord hole. Includes brown leather case.

(RSP) Technology produces and develops aluminum superalloys.

Due to ultrafast cooling technology (> 1,000,000º C per second), the liquid metal "freezes" and creates a new super strong alloy with a very fine homogeneous microstructure.

The fusion fusion production method developed by RSP Technology forms the basis for unique and superior materials that have the ultimate solution for lightweight high-end applications in the aerospace, optical, precision, racing, electronics, medical and automotive industries.

This process, known as the Rapid Solidification Process (RSP), provides a wide scope in the alloy and produces a material with unique properties. With the advantage of the short production cycle, RSP Technology presents itself as the quintessential partner in the production of materials and the development of alloys.

Total length: 22.5 cm
Blade length: 11.0 cm.
Blade thickness: 4.0mm
Steel Type: RWL34
Blade style: Drop Point
Sharpening model: Straight
Blade Finish: Satin
Edge type: Flat
Grip length: 11.5 cm.
Handle Material: White, Black Micarta and Rosewood Pressed Wood
Handle color: Brown
Weight: 232 gr.
Leather case
Country of origin: Spain

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