REF: 832915

This magnificent piece developed by Leatherman was one of the tools tested by Tim Leatherman in our Leopard store on the occasion of his visit to Spain in 2015. The founder of this prestigious manufacturer verified first-hand the quality of pliers such as the Charge + Earth, that present an unmatched resistance.

Stainless steel
The body of this Charge + Earth is made of stainless steel, a type of material specially designed to withstand working conditions that require constant and prolonged effort. In addition, another of the properties of this type of alloy is its incredible resistance to corrosion produced by contact with ferrous elements.

In turn, this tool designed by Leatherman in the United States has several pieces covered with anodized aluminum, a type of aeronautical material that is characterized by having a unique robustness against multi-directional impacts. In addition, this chemical element has undergone a heat treatment to increase its performance.

The third element that makes up the external structure of the Charge + is G-10, a type of material based on a coating of thousands of layers, which will be ideal to protect the multipurpose pliers in tactical-military or tactical-police interventions, where there is need to work without fatigue.

CPM-S30V steel
The Charge + Earth's main blade blade is engineered from this type of alloy that will not corrode or rust if exposed to harsh environments with high relative humidity or extreme salinity. This material, developed by Crucible Industries, has a moly additive that provides a high range of operability.

As for the cutting edge, it is similar to VG-10 steel in maintenance and re-sharpening. At the same time, it is considered an "all-terrain" material, which fits perfectly with the multifunctional idea of ​​Leatherman pliers, since it allows a powerful sharpening and resistant to all types of cuts, even by machete-type impact.

Its composition is 1.05% chromium, 0.5% manganese, 14% chromium and 4.0% molybdenum, with a hardness of 58-62HRC according to the Rockwell Hardness Scale.

This multi-functional model presents a total of 18 different configurations that the user can choose comfortably and easily. In turn, all modes are accessible in seconds, since this Charge + Earth has a unique structure within the world of multipurpose pliers.


Needle nose pliers
Cable cutter
Wire cutter
Wire stripper
CPM-S30V pocket knife
420HC saw blade
Mountain range
Hook cutter
Can opener
Bottle opener
Wood file
Diamond file
Tip holder
Standard bit holder
Bit holder '' mini ''
This Leatherman Charge + comes equipped with a sleek black nylon sheath that includes a snap closure and a tanned American company logo on the front. This type of holster will be useful to fit any part of the tactical or work equipment, as well as a belt.

Specific characteristics
Weight: 235 gr
Length closed: 10cm
Material: Stainless steel. / 420HC / CPM-S30V
Functions: 18