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Charge® TTi Tools

An ideal casting tool for holding or handling materials, designed for tight spaces or small objects.

An ideal casting tool for holding or handling materials.

Cable cutters
Useful cutting tool for cutting cable.

Wire cutters
420HC steel wire cutters, useful for cutting standard gauge wire.

Terminal press
This tool allows crimping electrical terminals for general use.

Wire stripper
A valid wire stripper for different types of wire.

S30V® knife
A knife made from S30V stainless steel, a premium steel with excellent corrosion resistance specially made for use in knives. The S30V blade stays sharp up to six times longer than a 420 steel blade.

420HC saw blade
A knife made of H420HC steel. The serrated edge cuts hard materials more easily which makes this type of edge exceptionally useful for cutting rope or fiber.

A saw made of 420HC steel, designed to be more efficient with a pulling movement, which requires less effort in cutting and helps it not break. Its design means that the teeth do not retain material, making it very effective to finish a job without having to stop to clean it.

Spring-loaded scissors
A pair of scissors designed to cut paper or light materials that, having a spring, regain the open position when not in use. Tools that use springs are especially useful for reducing the strain on the hands when working with them, especially scissors that require multiple opening and closing of the tool to make long cuts.

Hook cutter
An all-purpose cutting tool, useful for cutting webbing, ropes or seat belts.

Ruler (19 cm)
A ruler capable of accurately measuring up to 19 centimeters or 8 inches.

Can opener
A very useful pry-type tool for opening canning cans, perfect for camping or survival situations. The blade is designed to avoid that the metal that we cut is left with burrs that can cut the user.

Bottle opener
A tool that will be useful to you to drink your favorite drink.

Wood / metal file
420HC stainless steel tool with a design that creates a rough surface very useful for filing both wood and metal. In Letaherman files the rough part is all over the tool making it more precise on more delicate jobs.

Diamond file
Stainless steel tool with industrial diamond particles that create a rough surface very useful for sharpening steel blades with more precision than wood or metal files.

Standard bit holder.
The standard bit holder allows the use of any type of Leatherman screwdriver bit. It cannot be used with the precision tip.

Mini bit holder
The mini bit holder allows the use of this type of screwdriver bit from Leatherman. It cannot be used with full-size tips.

Medium screwdriver
A medium-sized flathead screwdriver, machined from 420HC stainless steel, for use with flathead screws.