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Leatherman Free K4 9 Uses Gray
This lightweight Leatherman Free K4 pocket knife with 9 tools is designed to make your everyday life easier. If you are a fan of pocket knives, this will surprise you because its ergonomic shape is perfectly adapted to the blade of your hand and gives you many more possibilities of use.

The Leatherman Free K4 is a multipurpose knife that includes 9 different uses. It differs from the Leatherman Free K2 by adding powerful scissors that with 8 more tools offers the portability of a knife and the versatility of a multipurpose knife.

It is light and handy. The handle is made of very resistant and anti-corrosion aluminum. The warranty on this Leatherman Free K4 is, as on all Leatherman multipurpose knives and knives, 25 years.

The Leatherman Free K4 is a multipurpose knife that works with an innovative system of magnets to achieve smoother opening and closing. With just one hand you can operate this tool.

In addition, all tools are locked with a click, giving you reliability for your work. We will explain more details about this innovative technology below: The magnetic closure is a technology that we have incorporated with the Free collection and it manages to keep the multipurpose closed and to be able to open it with one hand easily.

This new magnet locking system reduces friction and wear. Easy access. You can easily access all the tools from the outside. This way you can access each of the uses quickly, without having to first open it and then remove the tools.

Evolved and more rounded design to increase comfort and be more ergonomic so that it adapts better to your hands and improves grip.

Like the rest of Leatherman, it is manufactured in the United States, specifically in the Portland factory, in the state of Oregon.

Includes pocket clip and does not include cover.

You also have available its variant only with the combined edge, in which one part of the knife is smooth and the other serrated, is the Leatherman Free K4x.

We recommend it for hunting and fishing, mountain, nautical, survival, construction and maintenance, mechanics, and also, although for fans of fixing everything at home, our little hands to whom we have to be so grateful. It is a very powerful multipurpose knife.

1-Smooth Blade (420HC)
3-Bottle opener
5-Package opener
6-Medium screwdriver
7-Phillips screwdriver
8-Extra-small screwdriver

Specific characteristics
Weight: 155 gr
Length closed: 11.5 cm
Material: Stainless steel. / 420HC
Functions: 9

Manufactured by Leatherman

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