Rescue knife Böker Plus Urban Survival L.E. 01BO911 4.4cm

REF: B.01BO911
Before: 64,00 €
Now: 61,44

The Böker Plus Urban Survival LE is an extraordinary design by Jim Wagner. With an overall length of 14.4 centimeters and a blade length of 4 centimeters, the pocket knife offers excellent ergonomics and excellent carrying comfort despite its compact size. With a little effort, we've upgraded the extremely popular Urban Survival to a valuable tool for all law enforcement officials. A folding handcuff wrench provides a valuable aid in daily work, and the interchangeable locking pin makes it possible to secure the handcuffs against unintentional closure too tight. The mount is also compatible with previously available tips, glass breakers (also included) and Kubotan. The slim design and 440C scalpel shaped blade offer maximum control. For many users, American blade steel represents the optimal balance of edge retention, corrosion resistance and resharpenability. The body of the handle is made of black aluminum, a relatively soft and strong metal that is very light and at the same time has high strength.

Item Type: Pocket Knife
Total length: 15.2 cm
Blade length: 4.4cm
Blade thickness: 2.4 mm
Weight: 36g
Designer: Jim Wagner
Blade material: 440C
Handle Material: Aluminum
Opening aid: Pin
Opening: By hand
Closure: Liner Lock
Blade Color: Black
Article number: 01BO911

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