KNIFE Opinel Inox nº 7 Chestnuts and Garlic 002360

REF: O.002360
Price: 12,00

This pocket knife will allow you to cut and peel the chestnuts, but also peel the cloves of garlic, or even quickly remove the grains of plums, apricots, cherries ... making an incision in the fruit, therefore, it is very practical to prepare jams and cakes.
Its small size allows it to slip easily into your pocket, and its short, pointed, 4 cm bird beak blade is more manageable than a long blade and allows for a safe and quick gesture for maximum efficiency.

Its chestnut handle is unique in the Opinel collection, it is a light and well-veined wood from the French forests.

The N ° 07 Chestnut and Garlic is perfect as a useful and practical gift.

Blade length
4 cm

Stainless steel
The Sandvik modified 12C27 stainless steel developed for Opinel is known for its sharpness and ease of maintenance. Stainless steel capable of undergoing the heat treatment that gives it its good hardness is called martensitic. It has a carbon content of at least equal to 0.40%, which allows a very satisfactory edge to be obtained without being sensitive to corrosion. Blade hardness 57-58 HRC.

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