TR16 R4

TR16 R4

G&G Armament


PAC\'s: 1

Price: 376,00

TR16 R4
This M4 carbine has practicality in mind. Although it has all the usual quality G&G features such as blowback, threaded barrel and metal furniture all over the place including the full RIS rail at the front, the top rail, the rear sight, the charging handle, front end and barrel assembly, and the upper and lower receivers, it also has some other lovely features. This version has a full stock, allowing for large batteries to be fitted. Perfect for woodland scenarios. The six position crane stock keeps this airsoft gun versatile, and the blowback is a nice feature, giving the gun a nice sound when fired, especially indoors. A wonderful gun for those that can't help but love the M4 weapons system. These guns are also compatible with p-mags. These airsoft rifle also come with a fore grip, free!

Key Features
Blowback, RIS rails, top rail, full stock for large batteries, threaded barrel, detachable rear sight, forward assist spring release, dust cap locks open for easy hop access.

FPS: 310-320
Length: 88cm
Weight: 2600g
Almost any battery we have in stock apart from specialised batteries (UMG batteries, etc)
Supplied Magazine: 450 high cap
Please note - this gun does not come with a battery or a charger


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