Whisper IGT 5,5

Whisper IGT 5,5



PAC\'s: 1

Price: 185,40

Whisper IGT gamo 5.5 Whisper IGT(Inert Gas Technology)- Advanced technology using a pneumatic inert gas cylinder instead of conventional spring technology.the Air rifle Gamo Whisper IGT Also has the intergrated noise damper ND52. Increases velocity and terminal penetration, reduced stock vibration.

Caliber 5.5
Viewfinder not included
Lenght 117 cms
Muzzle velocity 220
Boost and fiber optic sights
Ventilated rubber
Fiber shock
Greater consistency in pulling power. The pneumatic piston always delivers the same power to allow aregular pellet constant.
Less vibration: to replace the traditional spring over the piston. the vibrations are reduced in theabsence of fluctuations in the dock when you relax when shooting.
Force uniform constant load: the absence of friction loading dock is the efforts cosntante and softer.
With sound reducer
Increased speed and penetration
Manufacturer Gamo
Model Number Gamo Whisper IGT 5.5mm Air Rifle

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