GANZO G742-1 KNIFE Green

Brand: GANZO
REF: G742-1-GR
Before: 26,85 €
Now: 25,78

Description of the Ganzo G742-1 knife:
The Ganzo G742-1BK folding knife is made practical for any outdoor use. It is suitable for cutting vegetables and snacks on a picnic, doing practically any job on a sightseeing tour, fishing trip or hunting. Due to the fact that when folded it will take up little space in a pocket, it is convenient to carry such a knife for travel and on the go. In addition, the built-in blade clamp makes the Ganzo G742-1 BK safe to use. The lock called Frame Lock, which is built into the handle, prevents the knife from bending. In a pocket, the knife will not open independently.

The blade of the knife and the main parts of the handle are made of stainless steel. It's the 440C brand, which hardens to 58 HRC and copes well with knife use in the field, when its care is minimized. The cutting edge of the blade is sharp smooth, making the knife versatile with regard to different materials. It is very simple to care for the sharpened blade evenly, and you can even sharpen it with a small pocket tool. The side surface of the blade has been satin-finished. This is a simple but effective polishing method, as it results in the metal becoming semi-glossy with barely perceptible traces of polishing elements running through the blade. The size of the Ganzo G742-1BK blade is 8.9 cm.

On one side the handle of the Ganzo G742-1BK knife is decorated with a plate made of a variety of resistant G10 plastic. It is made of polymer and fiberglass resins, due to which it has obtained a resistance comparable to that of metal. At the same time this material is significantly lighter than steel and is well protected against various types of corrosion. The buyer of such a knife can choose a plate in one of three colors: black, swamp-green or orange. The clip for carrying the knife on the belt is on the reverse side of the handle and is made of the same steel as the rest of the components.

Special Features:

folding knife;
the length of the whole knife is 20.7 cm;
sheet size - 8.9 cm;
sheet steel grade - 440С;
handle color - black, orange, green
Warranty: 1 year warranty is given for the Ganzo G742-1 knife.

Knife type Folding
Lock type Box lock
Blade edge Flat
Drop Point
Blade material 440С
Blade color Gray
G10 handle material
Handle color Black, Green, Orange
Total length, mm 207
Blade length, mm 89
Blade thickness, mm 3.5
Knife weight, g 162