REF: G7452-CF
Before: 32,15 €
Now: 30,86

Ganzo G7452-CF Knife Description:
The Ganzo G7452-CF model is equally valued by users for its high quality and excellent appearance. This knife is practical, convenient and durable, made by modern technologies. Its blade is made of stainless metal, allowing you to use a knife for fishing or any other trip to the countryside. 440C steel (and it is used precisely), excellently maintains sharpness, since its hardness is equal to 58HRC. Re-sharpening the knife when the time comes can be done with any pocket sharpener. The Ganzo G7452-CF sharpening option is universal, with a smooth edge along the entire length of the blade. It ends with a sharp point because its shape is drop-point. The surface of the blade is smoothly polished, but it does not shine in the sun. This is facilitated by the stone-washed option selected. The Ganzo G7452-CF handle plates are made of carbon fiber. It is a modern material, superior in strength even compared to steel. Its advantages also include low weight, resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.

The G7452-CF blade design is complemented by the reliable Axis lock. This pin lock can keep the blade open and folded, significantly increasing user safety. It works by moving the pin between the slots with small springs, so it is very important to keep the lock clean. In the rest, the G7452-CF model is not very demanding to care.

Special Features:

folding knife design;
the blade does not rust (440C steel);
straight sharp cutting edge;
the blade corresponds to the drop point shape;
the size of the blade is 9 cm;
polishing option - stone-washed;
carbon applied to the handle.
lock design - Axis.
Warranty: Ganzo knife manufacturers grant a 1 year warranty on the Ganzo G7452-CF.

Knife type Folding
Lock type G¡-lock
Blade edge Flat
Drop Point
Blade material 440С
Blade color Gray
Handle material Carbon fiber
Handle color Black
Total length, mm 210
Blade length, mm 90
Blade thickness, mm 2,8
Knife weight, g 142

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